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Life creates the lessons, You create the success. Life can and will knock you down, the trick is that you must turn life into a class to learn to tackle and to succeed in. I motivate, inspire and transform lives to beat defeat with strategic and actionable tips. I am proud to be one of the youngest speakers of personal development and look forward to altering your clients lives as well.


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About Vanessa Victoria

Motivational speaker,Vanessa Victoria is best described as sunshine mixed with a little hurricane was voted most likely to own her own business in her high school class.  She went through the cycles of life with knowledge of one day owning a business yet lacked incentive, direction and exactly what the niche would be.  It was not until several years of heartbreak with work, family, friends and relational experiences, that pain formed a blueprint of purpose.  With the experience of growing up in a low income family, physical abuse, caring for a mom with a fatal illness and social ridicule for choosing to roar and soar for her dreams. Vanessa now passionately motivates and inspires others to kick pain into purpose all the while riding the waves of emotions to one’s next destination and level in life with intention and charge, after all Life creates the lessons, you create the success.


Frequently Requested Topics

Who doesn't want a gentle harsh push into destiny! It's time to stop doing the same thing daily and create new habits for living the tangible life once dreamed.
Time Management
When your time sucks, you suck. Rushing through traffic, lack of punctuality at work, events missed due to no organization. Allow me to assist you with this.
When you lack self appreciation and self love, you become an imitation of others and because of this, you are unfulfilled. You are living someone else's life of what they want you to do, say, act, No more! Today this stops.