About Me

Everyday thinking has allowed you to be exactly where you thought you would be. What are you thinking now?

Forty-eight is the average number of everyday thoughts per minute, seventy-thousand per day.

My name is Vanessa Victoria, “V,” for short and I welcome you into this corner of the internet where positive thinking, manifestations and living your best life is learned, implemented with adapted with simple strategies.

My ultimate goal is to initiate the transformation of the thinking mind to be controlled. Thoughts become a tangible life, whether it is delivered from years or just minutes ago of thinking and speaking.

With you, I am here to live life on purpose and gain profit from the pains of life lessons.


I would LOVE, I mean absolutely love to hear from you on where you are currently at in your life journey.

You can locate my contact information in the “Contact Me,” tab or click on one of my social media links.


I look forward to chatting with you friend!


Yours truly,

Vanessa Victoria