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    Everyone’s A Coach Now-a-days

    With YouTube becoming an informal university for any and all to learn the tricks of the trade and for the only fee of the monthly internet or cell bill, the only reason to now go to school is mostly for those jobs demanding a degree or of course, something serious such a becoming a doctor. I definitely would want my GYN to be “PH-deed,” okay!

    So what’s up with everyone’s Instagram bio reading as a “Coach?”

    Where are your credentials from sis?

    My name is Vanessa Victoria (yep, two first names), and I am your Millennial Purpose Coach!

    As a ICF Accredited & Certified purpose coach, I want to let all of my ladies in on who will qualify to give you the RIGHT advice. We live in a time where people are greedy. They will throw a title on their name and take your very hard working and very much so earned coins.

    So let ‘s get into it

    1. Qualifying- Who is this person, what is their mission, are there testimonials, are they passionate about what they are doing to help others and most importantly, are they professionally certified and not self-certified?
    2. Prior to hiring, is there a consultation process and what is your feel/vibe of the person from this ‘in-person or over the phone’ conversation? Also, whatever your values are in life, does this person too hold the same or similar morals and values to qualify to lead your life into greater? What type of clients is this coach working with?
    3. What type of coach is this (i.e; Fitness, Business, Purpose, Vocal…)?
    4. What is their coaching style like?
    5. What is their availability like? (If they seem like they are just too busy, don’t do it sis.)

    Prayer is of course the BEST tool for deciphering if a coach is right for you, the type of coach that is right for you and if you should go through with the coach you have chosen to potentially work with. When hiring a coach, you have done just that. Be sure you are asking questions if you are lost, but too also do the research on your own and pass it through to your coach.

    A coach should genuinely have your best interest at heart and be able to provide you with sources, resources, guides, direction, work to do and what all serious folks need to better enhance their life and stay true to their word, a coach will serve as your accountability.

    Next step…

    If you are thinking of taking the next step in your life and having a hard time locating exactly where that “next step” is, a coach may be for you.

    My name is Vanessa Victoria and I am your Millennial Purpose Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Heartbreak Strategist!

    I’d love you speak more with you if you are interested. Email me for a free consultation!

    If you are not yet ready for a consultation with myself or any other coach and feel that your trouble may be in the are of procrastination, please check out this guide to getting unstuck and out of procrastination mode.

    Disclaimer, I am affiliated with this and would to suggest something I did not believe in or trust.

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