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    How To Find Your Purpose In Life


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    Mastered It!

    I had the opportunity to attend one of best gal pals’ graduation of achieving her Master’s degree this weekend and I couldn’t be more inspired, motivated and proud.

    Although her footsteps into destiny involved years of school, some of our lives do not.

    How exactly do we find purpose in life when society has attempted to strongly infringe and press upon us that we must attend school after receiving our GED or High School Diploma’s?

    Who should be my friends, who should I date/marry, what degree should I study, Should I even attend school, who am I?

     1. LABELS:

    Aw, who doesn’t like to be labeled in life, right?! WRONG.  Many people take on labels as their identity,  such as: I am wife/husband, I am a mother/father, I am a (insert whatever the heck your job title is).  The thing is, these titled people are more than that. They were always them before the title of their current place in life came about. So who exactly are you?

    2. WHO ARE YOU?

    You are what you love to do.  What you love is what you do not hate and what you more than like.  You are what you look forward to doing everyday, what makes your heart smile, you are what your passions are.  It took me awhile before I found out what my position would be in life.  I was voted to most likely own my own business in high school, yet I spent years post high school graduation finding myself.

    Finding myself looked a little bit like this:

    Date, get heartbroken, make friends, lose friends, work at a job I was great at yet began to loathe because it did not fill me up with joy, just the money, hardships with family, becoming fed up with the cycle of life, watched a lot of sermons, prayed A LOT, like uh-lot, watched a bunch of youtube motivation videos like: “The Video That Will Change Your Future.”- and “Take The Limits Off God.” Suddenly, yet finally A-Ba-Bam, my purpose, my passion, my life and the me that I am so in love with finally showed up!

    3. DREAMS:

    Have you ever had a dream that you had not actually dreamed as you rested at night, yet it was the type of dream that comes to you as you are sitting at your desk, chatting with inspiring friends at brunch or just sitting in your ride of a train, car, Lyft or bike ride home?

    Those dreams are actually visions for you. They are guidance on who you are and what you SHOULD be doing.  And please do not begin to speak your own self out of it or think that it is impossible, because let me tell you, it’s not!  What you have envisioned (inner vision), is already inside of you, meaning you already, I’ll say that again,  YOU ALREADY have in you what you need to manifest that intuition into tuition.  It is not impossible it’s I’M-POSSIBLE!


    Babe, you start with you! That is all you pretty much have right now to begin to reveal the path you should tread upon.  One of my go to proverbs in my favorite book is:

    “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you.”

    EVERYONE has purpose. EVERYONE has a gift(s). You have a talent my friend and talent is not only singing, dancing, telling jokes or cooking. It is a plethora of things and you are good at something!

    If you feel that you are not, find something in your life that you enjoy and that others may not be able to do. Hone in on that, or it may be a couple of things. Begin to work at that craft(s), adopt mentors, people who do what you are maybe just okay at. I have mentors that do not even know I exist, YET! (Insert smirk emoji).

    My confidence in myself is what gets me going. If I did not believe in myself, I would be living an ordinary life, which may be ok for others, but not for me and because of that I will roar and soar to continue to make my dreams happen.


    I was 28 when I became enlightened with my purpose.  I definitely think I wasted time, but I refuse to wallow in  my should have-could have-would have’s.  At the end of the day, I am who I am because of who I was- shrugs shoulders.

    Kernal Sanders of KFC, considered a senior citizen after age 50, achieved his dreams in his 60s.

    You are not going to be too young or too old okay!

    Give yourself a break and begin this process of finding you so that you can be whole, fulfilled, happy, prosperous and rich in all the ares of your life. Do this for you and you will be doing good for others as well.

    When you are happy and smiling, it encourages a great energy, law of attraction and being magnetic to others and things that are GOOD for you.  You’ll even help others be happy too!

    Give it all you got!

    Good luck on finding yourself, your passions and your purpose babes. Please don’t forget to like this post, share with friends and most importantly apply this to your life today!

    Drop a line or few on your dreams and aspirations or where you are in life presently or your near future aspirations.





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      June 27, 2018 at 11:23 pm

      This was a great read. I happened to find you on YouTube, I was looking on tips to get into the leasing business in Atlanta. I’m actually going thru many changes in my life far as wanting a career change and recently breaking up with my boyfriend. And with all of this it has left me really unsure on my next chapter in life and what should be my next move. I feel like you’re right i have to figure out who the heck am i?! Cause right now I don’t know who she is…. but thank you, I will search for MY purpose.

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        September 28, 2018 at 12:00 am

        Hi there! I am sorry for the late reply. Did you get into the leasing industry?? Is everything going okay in life?

        Sweetest regards,

        Vanessa Victoria

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