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    How To Leave A Job You Loathe In 90 Days

    You can leave the that down miserable place of which you call your job.

    You can say bye-bye to un-fullfillment, lack of motivation and living pay check to pay check…. BUT… HOW???

    The absolute single worded question that popped into my mind the night I was absolutely sick of attending a job I loathed was, “How?”

    I was sitting at my centered kitchen island in the midst of my laptop, scattered notes and a tv blaring behind me. I lifted my eyes for a moment from my dedicated glare into the web as I researched the implementation and execution of my dream to see my mother hovered over the stove in her now ailing body struggling to do what she once did with ease, cook pasta.

    Sorrow, dread, anger and motivation impeded upon me at one time. This is not and will not be my life, I thought to myself and with that, this is the topic I came up with, “How To Leave A Job You Loathe In 90 Days?”   I am sure it is well researched umpteenth times and will never get old no matter what generation was before us, is us or to come after us.  This is a question we ask and are absolutely not sure to answer aside from simply walking away and facing potential consequences such as, and this is definitely going to be taking it there, but potential consequences of eviction, debt, an affected credit score, resignation remorse, more problems IF done so without any plans.

    Why should we predict this of being the case or outcome however?  This is a realistic doing with negative realism.

    What would happen if we turned every negative thought into a positive one?

    Lets face some facts and not feelings:

    We are not forced to attend work. We do so by choice and what we do is create a picture of fear.
    Can I tell you something?

    The real nightmare is being sucked into something you despise, causes stress, therefore resulting in dis-ease.  You KNOW that you are unhappy at this place, in this position.  You are not paid what you are worth. You may even experience belittlement, as well as having to conform to their ways, you’ve got to request your precious finite time to attend personal life events such as an doctor appointment, vacation time, personal days, or and what about those physical or even emotional sick days?

    This will begin to peek into your physical well being.  The gaining or losing of weight, the involvement  in unhealthy activities in hope of escaping reality.  The list could go on and on, am I right?

    So what is keeping you?  If the money isn’t cutting it. If your time is literally being wasted and your emotional being is on life support…  Check this out with me:

    When you die, which by the way can happen any day, really any second… What are you taking with you as you close your eyelids and take your last breath and beat the last rhythm of your hearts drum?

    Is your desire to live the BEST of life?

    Would you like to live the life that you feel is right? Is in accordance with your beliefs and talent?

    YOU CAN!

    You can leave that job and go to another. OR you can carefully examine what it is that you have taken away from this job, what you like, what you are good at and what you dislike and why you should be removed from this position.

    If I had never worked in the different fields I was once employed in as well as with my most recent employer of property management, I would have never found my purpose or my motivation to understand that this is not my life and that I will rise above this.

    The lack of motivation to get up for this job, do my hair, dress up or even put a splash of makeup on… I had to become diligent in changing my life for the better.

    I refused to let this be it and you can too with extensive planning and executing the small goals and steps to lead to the ultimate goal of leaving a job you loath in whatever timestamp you choose.


    I chose 90 after AH-LAWWWT of prayer and work. The sacrifice of sleep and social time. The sacrifice of not eating because of focus on research to perfect and become enlightened in all that concerns me.

    Small sufferings are worth the peace and freedom of your soul to no longer feel trapped or stuck or in a place you know that you do not belong in.

    If I had not worked in different job settings and experienced such a distaste in my mouth, I would have NEVER found my passion.

    Let this position you are currently in motivate you to not remain there, use this uncomfortable state as a fire beneath your bum and start the process today to move into something greater and more importantly fulfilling.



    CALL TO ACTION: Take some time to your self, drown out any and all distractions and begin to strategize what you want your life to look like. This will become your ultimate goal.  Now begin working on the smaller steps that will get you to that ultimate goal, now execute!

    Keep sticking with me on here and on social media to have access to the tools on how you can live YOUR BEST’est LIFE!!! (Insert wink face here)

    Please drop a comment on your current situation and how you are doing.

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